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Darken Rauhl

He is the brother of Richard and Panis is both Richards and Darkens Father which means that Panis had an affair or whatever with Zorlanders daughter.

Richard is Darken Rauhls's son. Darken raped his mother and when Zorlander found she was pregnant moved to the Westlands to protect his daughter and grandson from Darken.

I like the book version much better.

Sword of Truth series

No comparisons

Nor comparisons

I think you cannot compare the two becaucse there is little that is a common thread from the book to the Series. Only the names are the same the personalities differ in most ways.
Nicci tries to kill Richard-in several episodes.
Nicci is an ex sister of the light just as in Sword of Truth Series and is an enemy through out the adventrues. She has come back from the dead and took another body to dispose of Richard.

Nicci take Richard with a maternity spell simimlar to the series but totally different to find out what makes Richard a special person. Afterwards she releases Kahlan from the spell and becomes Richards strongest supporter. In the book she never tries to kill Richard.

I actually like the way Goodkinds person of Nicci is portrayed. Althought evil at first you actually come to like Nicci in the book but in the series you never find anything to like.

Cara is Bi-sexual with another Mord-sith, and it is implied that they were lovers for years..

In the series it shows Cara to have sexual relations with another Mord Sith

In the book Cara is not bisexual--there is a Mord-Sith, Bernadine, that is lesbian and a close advisor to Lord Rahl that lost her companion in one of the early books but found another companion in a later book-but Cara is straight in the book and actually marries Benjamine in the final book of the series.

Once again I like the book version better because the realtionship with another Mord-sith actually is irrevelant to the story line in the televsion series, except for maybe shock value.

Cara is the only Mord-sith that has accepted Richard as the new Lord Rahl.

In the television version of Legend of the Seeker we find that only Cara is loyal to Richard and all the rest of the Mord-Sith are his enemies.

In the first book of the Sword of Truth series all the Mord Sith swore loyality to Richard Rahl.

Once again I guess you cannot really compare one to the other because by the 2nd book Richard is the Lord Rahl and accepted as such where in the TV Series he is still just the seeker. I guess for the book version the later is best and for the TV series the first is best.

Adie is an old hag of a witch.

In the series we are only introduced to Adie in one episode and she is protrayed as an old hag of a witch that reads bones.

In the Book Adie is a very handsome woman which Wizzard Zorlander finds very attractive and had an ongoing affair with her. She is a part of Richards inner circle.

Once again there is no comparison here. In the book she has a very active role is one of the main supporting characters where in the TV series she is an after thought.

Physically Richard is shorter than Kahlan when the camera catches them together in many instances.
The character of Richard is shorter than both Zed and Kahlan and has light brown hair mostly long and wears his sword on his hip.
The character of Richard in the Book is a tall woodsman and althought Kahlan is tall in both the book and the series he is a full head taller than her or Zed. If picturing him he would be more like Tom Welling that playes Clark Kent in the Smallville series-clean cut a big yet very young. ..and the Richard of the book wears the sword across his back. By they way he always cuts himself and allowes the sword to taste blood before he has to use it in earnest because of what the magic does to him when he uses it to kill and no one can take the sword from him unless he gives it them.

I actually like both Richards the same. Althought they are totally different in the book and series I like both .

The books say that Richard wears the rada'han when he travels to the Palace of the Prophets.

In the series he doesn't wear the rada'han Nor keep his sword Season 2 episode 6. Nor is Sister Verna the only sister to head back to the palace with him!

The books describe the incredible sacrifce Khalan makes for her love by sending Richard away and forcing him to wear the rada'han. Richard at first thinks she betrays him by making him wear it fullfilling a prophecy that the one he loves will betray him. He also wears the sword to the palace to show that he will never give in to being a slave once again to someone that collars him.

The book series is a TON better then the TV series because it shows more of the struggle that Richard, Khalan, and Zed all make throughout the whole series. Plus, it shows the struggle love can truly be. Richard overcomes all his fears and misconceptions to be with the one he loves, and saves the world at the same time. How-ever the TV series has it's good points also. I just find it hard to believe that Terry Goodkind could have possibly let them change the story line as bad as they have in the TV series.
The dance with death and the trek to the Palace of Prophets
Richard and Sister Verna both head out to goto the palace. where they encounter the mwirsth. After destroying them they continue on.

In the books after rescuing the captive who in the books is described as being dark of skin with curly hair( sounds like a black woman to me) they continue thier path to take her home.Then to the palace. Once they get her home, her tribe attacks them and forces Richard to do the dance with death. Only then do they call him the kaharan. Which is also when she tells Richard she is now his wife, and the unborn child will be his.(she got pregnet while imprisoned)

I think the books version is alot better and would have made the show much better if they used it. I know I would have loved to see the dance with death the way it is described in the books.

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